Why should you choose renting from Ep?

Because we offer linen that wont look like everyone elses. Covers are a requirement today, but our covers will separate your event as being more beautiful and elegant than the last three events your guests have been to!

We have been in business since 1999, are a professional operation, and can handle any mishaps that other small startup companies simply don't have the mindset or inventory to correct. We ship thousands of orders each year, and are here to ensure that you are covered on your most important day!

We WASH and iron all items going out of our warehouses. Many smaller competitors can offer a lower price because some DO NOT wash each cover or iron your sashes after its prior rental. These smaller competitors do this to save money, but EP wont sacrafice the quality you deserve on this most important occasion.

We guarantee a newly washed cover and pressed sash for every event. Our larger customers, national hotel chains, and corporations demand a great product, so should you!
All chair cover companies and their products are not created equally!

Compare all total prices before making a decision to go with one of our lower priced competitors. Their offering might not match the opulent and elegant fabrics that we carry in our rental line! They might gouge you with shipping and replacement fees. Click the info link above to send us information so we can send you a complete quote and free fabric swatches if necessary. Then compare to see if your special day is worth upgrading for an EP rental

Shipping your chair covers!

Order our WRINKLE FREE chair cover to assure the dry-cleaner look. This is a proprietary cover only we carry. NO ironing needed! White, ivory, black, and champagne available.

Dont just settle for the cheapest cover you can find, there are huge differences!
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